by Greg Warns

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I'm Greg Warns, and this is my third EP. I wrote all the lyrics and music on this EP, and I reserve all rights. It's free to download, but I won't hold you back from giving me money. Thanks for listening!


released August 19, 2014

Sean Jones played drum set on all tracks.

Jackson Clawson played keys on "Repetition".

Photo credits go to the exceedingly fly Maria Warns.



all rights reserved


Greg Warns Poulsbo, Washington

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Track Name: Pyramid
Step to the sea
We're on the outside
We've seen the world
It's not a fair fight

Run from yourself
The truth is bearing
Down on the top
Pyramid falling down

Peer out the crack
We've never known less
Please push the pile
The man still knows best

Stare at the sun
And pull your tie up
Gear in the box
Pyramid wears the crown

And when the stone script calls your name
Will you still bow down all the same?

Ransack the road
Pillage and plunder
Take all you can
The seven wonders

Store for the storm
They've seen the Mahdi
Stacked is the deck
Pyramid crashes down

And when the stone script calls your name
Will you still bow down all the same?

Stone for stone
Eye for eye
Built it tall
Built it wide
Stood for years
We stood guard
Such a fine
House of cards
Track Name: Repetition
I see the summer stole your heart
And now it's left you once again
Now I can't promise that I'll stay
But that wouldn't be the trend

Repetition has never been your friend

I see you surely never stretch
Now you can't get up and leave
Dancing days have come and gone
Nothing new will you conceive

Repetition has never been your friend
But don't you know what breaks, surely never bends

And when you finally reach your time
Will I wait to lead you out?
Will still be in your eyes?
Or will the slowly fill with doubt
Track Name: Bluesysses
You can't hear with your mouth open
Yet you still so surely try
Crack a smile but something's missing
Like a joke with no punchline

You can't see with your eyes shuttered
Yet you still predict your fate
Homeward bound and set for loneliness
You know that it's too late

One a rock you read your fortune
And you know that it's your time
Joyful noises mixed with deep regret
Get you stuck in a bind

Not too late to seek forgiveness
For things you could not control
Not until you step outside your mind
Will you begin to grow
Track Name: Pull
Such a thick brush for a fine line
I know you'll push the boundaries to the end of time
What's the big rush to the cutting edge?
I see you course is headed of the shaky ledge

Why can't you ever take a chance?
Can't you ever take the charge?
No one's asking you to flop
Gaze on at the task at large

Rampant in the small streets
Is the loose bull
Nothing but a repeat
But I'm not fooled
Justice in the cross-hairs
All he's gotta do is pull

Take a nice run to the springboard
I think you'll soon find that you can't afford
Take a nice dive into Barry's jar
You know you know you know it that you've gone to far

Not a bog down, not a loose peg
Not a decreasing function can make it end
What a slow down, what a handout
You know you know you know that's what you're all about
Track Name: Small Town Sundown
On a blue chair
You were sitting still outside
Hot and humid
What a stubborn fight of pride
Like the lightning
And the thunder striking down
You were waiting
For success to bring you down

And when the light's too strong
You feel you must go home
But I have walked that way
And I have ran that road
And nothing's what I've found
I'm still sprinting from that small town sundown

On the door mat
Regret welcomes you back home
You don't know him
But you sure know where he goes
Where's the pump up?
Where's the feeling that you knew?
You're the next up
Be a seed that never grew

And though the candle's low
I hope you understand
That time can never heal
The scars that paint my hands
The world is what I've found
I'm still sprinting from that small town sundown