The Bright Edge

by Greg Warns

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I'm Greg Warns, and this is my debut solo EP. I wrote all the lyrics and music on this EP, and I reserve all rights. I sang all the vocals, and played all of the guitar, bass, and synthesizer. It's free to download, but I won't hold you back from giving me money. Thanks for listening!


released January 4, 2014

Sean Jones played all the drum set, but Kevin Parmley played the occasional beautiful bass drum.

Photo credits go to the exceedingly fly Maria Warns.

Many thanks to:
Front Porch Guitars
J. Thayer Guitars
Cockos Incorporated
MXL Microphones



all rights reserved


Greg Warns Poulsbo, Washington

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Track Name: Keep It Low
With a stare of regret
You spy on the people, thoughts flying through your head
With a thinking face
You wonder aloud, why you couldn't keep pace
Keep it low, keep it low, don't let the fools know

With a stare of remorse
You cry from a distance, shouting until you are hoarse
With a pleading eye
You lock yourself up, you hurt to bad inside
Keep it low, keep it low, don't let your heart show

I have often wondered how
How are you feeling, are you healing
Please tell me where are you now
Are you seeing, have you found some meaning
Track Name: Our Worlds
Deep in your soft brown eyes
I see a place
Never been but I hear it's nice
A slower pace

All day I hear your song
It's nothing new
One day I'll sing along
It's meant for two

But through my troubled ways
Your presence keeps my soul in place
You see
Our worlds will meet

Your lips move easily
The words so kind
Smooth thoughts of softened cheer
Not left behind

Far past the deepened sea
Our heads recline
And if you look you'll see
Our paths align
Track Name: What's It To You
I thought you'd be up
But I found you so down
Thought you'd say a word
Wouldn't even make a sound

I thought you would stare
Gaze upon the skies
Thought you would move
Wouldn't even blink your eyes

But now that I've seen you
I've seen what I won't be
I've seen what I can't be
Despite what comes at me
Say true
What's it to you

I thought you would stand
Maybe try to breathe
Thought you might run
Couldn't even leave

I thought you would know
When the sun should rise
Thought you would see
That up points to the skies
Track Name: All For You
When I am tired, I lean back into the shade, and all I see is the smile on your face
I find my eyes resting so frequently, but how should I proceed
what should I do

I've been lying to myself, losing life with every breath, but still I think of you
Is it I or is it me, where's the problem can you see, I try so hard but fall the same
All for you

Help me out if you can, could you please lend a hand, I am clueless and all the rest
But if you talk to me some time, maybe I'm your kind of guy, a little bit here and a little bit there
All for you
Track Name: Inside My Pocket
Why won't you stay inside my pocket
That way I could always know
What the future has in store
For us together
Why won't you stay inside my pocket
That way I could always see
What your doings now could be
To see how they measure

Please stay inside my pocket
That way I could always be
Somewhat happier cause we
Would always be tethered
Just stay inside my pocket
That way I could always view
What your plotting now could do
In pain or pleasure

You are the life of me baby
You are the reason I sing and cry
But this can't be right for me baby
But I know I'll always try