Uncle Sugar

by Greg Warns

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I'm Greg Warns, and this is my second solo EP. I wrote all the lyrics and music on this EP, and I reserve all rights. I sang all the vocals, and played all of the guitar, bass, synthesizer, and most of the drums. It's free to download, but I won't hold you back from giving me money. Thanks for listening!


released May 25, 2014

Sean Jones played drum set on "Coffee".

Photo credits go to the exceedingly fly Maria Warns.

Many thanks to:
Front Porch Guitars
J. Thayer Guitars
Cockos Incorporated
MXL Microphones



all rights reserved


Greg Warns Poulsbo, Washington

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Track Name: Uncle Sugar
Hey Uncle Sugar where'd the pep go from your stride?
Whoever told you that you can drive when you're blind?
Buying more makeup will not get her where you want
Buying more armor will not give you more to flaunt

But is it new?
Same old you
Don't you see?
Dear Uncle Sugar, your girl ain't for me

Hey Santa Barbara Where'd the hope go from your eyes?
I should've warned you, there's a price for faking smiles
Ran through the gauntlet one more time to check for change
You were mistaken, but that fact should not seem strange

Hey mister Snowden where'd the light go from the sky?
Barack won't tell me what's a truth and what's a lie
TV on RT got us fox-holed in the ground
Better than thinking that the world is safe and sound
Track Name: Red Moon
Six months of waving this red flag around
I new that at some point, we'd get pushed out
I saw the finish for oh so long
The rise of the red moon meant you'd be gone

Sometimes your ready for all you expected
But all you expected never came
Maybe the business, the business of feeling
Gave us an out, exit frame

We know that we were right, but still left in plain sight
Is the scar left to show
Maybe the ceiling for all the feelings
Was just too low

I said no

The red moon is rising

We all know

Trapped in the sunlight you know that it's alright
Regardless of what now, you will go
Your fall back is clever, a lever for treasure
You see what you want now

I said no
Track Name: Coffee
I stretched a meaning so you could see what I was seeing
Shut the door, and let the freezing numb my hand
And when I picked it up, when I drank a cup
You gave me enough strength so I could stand

I felt a feeling, let my heartbeat hit the ceiling
Let my sudden gift for dreaming hit the floor
And when I picked it up, when I drank a cup
You left me in the clouds wanting more

Up from the skies, down from your eyes
Where is this warmth that I'm feeling?
Can't say it's wrong, where I belong
Where is this warmth that I'm feeling?

I dove in deeply, yet not at all discretely
But still you seemed completely off my beat
But in the coming time, I won't be so blind
For the cup that once was bitter now is sweet
Track Name: Tangent
Tiny drops of water pierce my skin with pricks of numbing pain
Large drops fall harder and build up to form the winter plain
Soothing strokes of inspiration strike my mind then leave again

Longer, wider, duller leaves melt in the ground and start anew
Trees turn their backs on truth and find themselves a new pursuit
Striking scenes of calming mantra soothe my mind yet leave no truth

Picking up the pieces of a younger kind of flower vase
Smelling all the petals of the plans that kept the world in place
Striking scenes of calming mantra bring me back to brighter days
Track Name: Porcelain Doll
If whining had a vintage, you'd be mighty fine
But woman if you close your mouth, you'd see that I am trying
Trying to please a crazy in any way I may
But pleasing just one crazy is harder than they say

I know that I can be mean, but let's just take a sec
To unbuckle our belts and climb out from this wreck
Now while we're standing here, please tell me at least
Whatever I did to unleash this beast

Just a porcelain doll, your cracks cut us all
Your big is our small, your rise is our fall
And through a porcelain eye, your right as apple pie
Your flyer when you try, make home inside a sty

If lying was a movie, you'd sure be the star
I could walk twenty miles and you'd circle me in a car
Never once thinking "How can I help this man?"
I know that you're only trying to steal all that you can

If cheating was a stock, you'd be rising high
Cause when I turn record down, all I hear are lies
I'm not saying I'm special in any way at all
But I don't deserve to be knocked down to a crawl