What A Dream

by Greg Warns

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Daniel Mayes
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Daniel Mayes Don't let the awesome cover art fool you - Greg Warns has some pretty cool songs on this EP. Catchy, but clever, light but with loads of detail. Always unique and interesting! Favorite track: What A Dream.
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released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Greg Warns Poulsbo, Washington

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Track Name: Not Like I've Been
Last night we learned
What makes you turn
Away from me
So fast when we
Hold hands trade stares
Become aware
Of all that we
Have failed see

It's not like I've been somewhere different
Haven't reached for a different branch
Haven't raced towards a different chance
Haven't lunged to a different stance
It's not like I've been different places
Haven't lived in a different time
Haven't looked for a different sign
Haven't seen a single star align

Last night we found
What brings you down
So hard so fast
When you get asked
What makes you click
What makes you think
Being alone
Has not been known


Yeah not like I've been
Track Name: To The Sky
You and me baby like a jungle rain
Falling down hard and steaming up again
Taking our cues from backwoods water
Walking the world not to be bothered

Saying it loud from great great heights
Echoing back it sound so right
Sewed in my pocket is my own jail key
And I just heard my call to be free

Don't it feel so good to stay up so late
Don't it feel so fine to not know your fate
To the sky I say: You have won today
Stars have caught my eye, I have lost my way

What once was was all I saw
Struck with awe since the walls thawed
Waking me up like a bright siren
Waking me up like cannons firing

Bolts will come undone
Hear the speaker tear
Shaking as it blares
You know we're going there

You and me baby for a long long time
Rocks will roll and tides will climb
Climbing the paths that we once wandered
Thinking the thoughts that we once pondered
Track Name: Nobody's Nonsense
Dusty like a corner
Isn't it so hard to shake it off
Dreary like a Wednesday
Rubbish bins are full of empty shots
I have kept my promise
But I still can't quite connect the dots

Paper clips and blue pens
Still have my life firmly in your grasp
Breaths are often heavy
But at least I know they're gonna last
I have kept my promise
But I still will long for what has passed

Painted like a would grain
Smoother than a lie it still fools me
Speaking like it's scripted
Dancing like it's always the last beat
I have kept my promise
I have finished all that we agreed

Like the world spins, my heads where your not
As the sky turns, space is all we've got
Track Name: What A Dream
In a world that's filled with abstract meaning
You think that there's a shooting star, you know the luck is where you are
In a place that thinks your on to something
No role can make you play the game, no one can make you feel the same

When you tear, it's the seam
You were full, full of steam
What a love, what a dream
What a stage, what a scene
What a feel, what a theme
What a love, what a dream

On a cloud that's denser than you'd want it
You find a little bit of rest, you finally accept the test
With a wave that slaps more than it should
Water rises above the air, you find that you have struck a snare